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Originally published in: Monday Magazine

Album: Two 

(Goodfellow Records)

Random thoughts: Cursed broke up last year. Shitty deal. And all that stuff about them being really loud when they played live? Not an exaggeration. At all.

Throat lozenge, anyone?

Damaged vocal chords and busted eardrums with Cursed

By Jason Schreurs

Cursed screamer Chris Colohan is sounding like he blew a gasket or two on the Toronto metal/hardcore band’s recent jaunt through Europe and the US. And as long as he hasn’t completely annihilated his throat, he should be good to go for their upcoming batch of shows heading back across Canada.

“I don’t want to have to go to the doctor, but I’m sure I’ll find out one day,” says Colohan. “But it’s our hearing that’s probably going to go first.”

True enough. Cursed, featuring longtime members of the Toronto hardcore scene and bands like Left for Dead and The Swarm, has become known for being one of Canada’s loudest bands, often bringing with them more guitar and bass cabinets than most eardrums can handle. But it’s Colohan’s raging vocals that sound the most inhuman.

“I kind of have to wreck my voice to make it work. I have to fuck it up and then it’s okay,” says Colohan about his unique technique and corresponding devil scream. “I don’t think I ever knew what the hell I was doing and I don’t really think I do now. I just kind of scream my fucking head off and the chips fall where they do.”

Complimenting the band’s Motorhead meets Black Flag mayhem this time out is a nasty, dirty, raw (and completely analog, to boot) production sound for their second full-length, aptly titled Two, on Goodfellow Records out of Hamilton.

The throbbing racket comes courtesy of one Ian Blurton, best known for his production work with The Weakerthans, and the latest in a long line of his own bands, C’mon. Who, incidentally, Colohan has roadied for in the past. Cosmic Cursed connections, indeed.

“[Blurton] just has a really good grip on what we’re already trying to do and helped us focus into something a little more… I can’t say polished, because nothing we’re ever gonna do will come out that polished, but we’re all really happy with the way it turned out,” he says.

When Cursed hits town Tuesday, one thing avid record collector Colohan looks forward to, besides a soothing cup of tea, is a visit to Turntable, Victoria’s most authentic vinyl emporium. But better make that a short visit.

“That place is dangerous,” he laughs. “I’ve got to be careful with my money when I go in there.”

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