Monday, February 9, 2009

Destroying the Airwaves: FAITH NO MORE -- 1992

Okay, we all know that live TV appearances by bands are usually cop-outs. Either the band will play their hit song, dumb down their lyrics, or just generally put in a blah performance. I'll never forget the time I got all excited about Rage Against the Machine being on Saturday Night Live, imagining them overthrowing the system in one fell swoop, but instead being generally disappointed that the extent of their muckracking involved an upside down flag on Tom Morello's guitar amp. Huh? What? But sometimes, yes, sometimes, bands will actually try something a little different with their airtime. Dog bless 'em for it. First on our roll call; none other than the kings of awkward/thrilling live television moments, Faith No More. Watch what happens with around 1:20 left in this video. Hilarious!

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